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Quick Fit !

Quick Fit!

Quick and simple fastening, no screws or tools needed, discover our new range of shelves.

Réf : GGM QFEF600N

Increase the resolution

Here is a major evolution of AHD kit.

Cameras have been upgraded from 720p resolution (1280 x 720) to 1080p (1920 x 1080). The images are therefore larger and offer more detail. The lifetime and efficiency of LED lamps has been increased using SMD technology, offering more than  3-year lifetime at full power and up to 30% more illumination power. The hard drive storage capacity upgrated to 1TB to enable you to keep videos for a lo,nger period of time.

This full HD video surveillance kit integrates cameras, recorders, cables and power supplies. Ideal for small areas (local stores, main/second home etc.).


See it in action

You can access remote viewing via a smartphone or tablet using the free application RXCamView.




NEW DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT FOR GIGAMEDIA IN FINLAND GIGAMEDIA is proud to announce the opening of the twelfth country in Europe! Thank you to the Finnish team for their welcoming!

The essentials 2017

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Did you say OM5?

Fibre Optique multimode OM5


A new type of multimode fiber called OM5

could be deployed more quickly than expected in datacenter environments.


Datacenters, key players in the digital chain and Web 3.0, have become an essential network node where a multitude of data and services intersect ranging from file storage to total virtualization of network functions and collecting big amount of data through the Internet of Things (IoT). The explosion in data traffic due to the proliferation of connected devices and new applications is resulting in record bandwidth consumption in data centers. 
To meet these new challenges and the ever growing need for more bandwidth and higher switching speeds, datacenters are constantly adapting their network and server infrastructures.

Recent years have seen massive deployments of fiber optic cabling infrastructures, and more particularly MPO type high-density multi-fiber connectors.
The installation of multi-fiber connectors is the result of Ethernet or Fiber [...] Lire la suite