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Visual fault locator

Check your optical link continuity with the new GGM VFL1MW visual fault locator!

  • Wavelength: 650 nm ±10 nm
  • Emitter type: Class 2 laser diode (LED)
  • Output power: 1 mW
  • Max. signal transmission: 5 km
  • Universal 2.5 mm connectors (ST & SC)
  • LC adaptor is optional



Pre-connected plug and play copper cassettes

Mounting, customized labeling and test reports handled by our local experts.


What we offer:


- To benefit from a no risk technology
- To reduce installation time and optimize OPEX


- 4 click only to install 24 ports
- Test report included on each manufactured link


Each cassette offer 6 port RJ45, once fully equipped with CAT6A or CAT6 component certified cable and keystone, all links will meet and exceed all current cabling standards.


Many possibilities:


- Cassette to cassette
- Cassette to jacks
- Cassette to plugs ...


For more information, download our brochure

GGM NT3VB : New IP bullet camera 3MP H264

The IP camera GIGAMEDIA NT3VB is a bullet IP 66 camera with a resolution of 3 Megapixels in H264. A vari-focal 2.8-12 mm is integrated to adjust the angle of view on the field and also to be adaptable easily to installation constraints. Built in with IR LEDs embedded for a distance up to 15 m, it will permit to have a night vision in a complete dark scene.

  • Resolution 3-Megapixels (2032 x 1536) Full HD
  • Simultaneous multiple streams
  • H.264 / MPEG-4 / MJPEG compression
  • ONVIF compliant
  • PoE or 12 V DC power
  • 1x DI & 1x DO
  • Infrared LED up to 15 m
  • Micro SD/SDHC card slot
  • Cable management
  • Application IP CAM VIEWER for tablets and smartphone  => Google Play
  • Application IP CAM VIEWER Lite for tablets and smartphone => Apple Store

New dummy CCTV camera range

Buying a fake security camera to protect your company: easy to install, easy to maintain,
deter potential burglars without having to spend lot of money…


All our cameras are equipped with blinking light to be more real !


Dummy camera with blinking led light
Imitation « caméra box »
bracket included
Outdoor / indoor use
(Batteries not included) 



Black color dummy camera with blinking led light  noire avec led lumineuse
Imitation « caméra all in one » 
Bracket included
Outdoor / indoor use
With solar panel to recycle outdoor sun light
(Batteries not included) 


White color dummy camera with blinking led light
Imitation « camera all in one » 
Bracket included
Outdoor / indoor use
(Batteries not included)

Dummy camera with blinking led light
Imitation « dôme caméra»
Indoor use only
(Batteries not included)



Dummy camera with blinking [...] Lire la suite


  • Suitable for Gigabit Ethernet applications
  • External Grade cable, for dry conditions
  • Dual Jacket -  Inner : Grey PVC. Outer Jacket UV resistant Black PE
  • Exceeds the requirements of TIA and ISO Cat6 specification
  • High Grade cable with Pure Copper Cores