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CCA a riscky choice

What is a CCA conductor?

CCA (copper clad aluminium) consists of an aluminium conductor coated with a thin layer of copper. (Generally 10 to 15% copper)

CCA uses the principle of the "skin effect". When an alternating current travels through a conductor, it tends to be distributed on the surface rather than in the core of the conductor. The higher the frequency, the greater this phenomenon and the more the signal travels on the surface.

It therefore appeared beneficial to use CCA in network infrastructures. However, other electrical parameters, such as resistance, attenuation and return losses are affected by the use of CCA in twisted pair cabling components.

Although CCA has the advantage of being less expensive for the manufacturer, it can result in significant additional costs for the network installer or owner. Its mechanical and electrical performances do not meet the requirements of a network cabling infrastructure.

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Access control

Gigamedia has decided to launch an access control solution

Interview with Romain Dacquin, Gigamedia product manager.


Whay has Gigamedia decided to launch an access control solution ?

Because there is clear convergence between access control systems and video surveillance.

These two product ranges complement each other perfectly. Nowadays, multiple technologies are converging to use IP solutions (telephony, video surveillance, intrusion detection, connected TV and devices, etc...).


So with this IP convergence and intelligent building technologies, unified solutions are now available. Many customers are now requesting a common platform for access control and video surveillance.


It therefore seemed natural for GIGAMEDIA to propose the missing element to meet the increasing demand from our customers. We will even be able to propose a unified solution for small installations (i.e. 2 readers and a 4-camera recorder network).


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Montpellier RExel Expo

Gigamedia will attend Conectis stall at Rexel Expo in France (Montpellier) from the 10th to 11th of june.

Gigamedia is in Portugal

GIGAMEDIA  will attend ExpoRexel 2015 in Portugal Batalha from the 20th to 22nd of May 2015
GIGAMEDIA will display its latest technologies Fiber, Copper, Rack and Cabinet and CCTV/IP Videosurveillance


A configurable and scalable solution to optimize your m² !

Allows to reduce of 50% the surface on the ground for the same capcity of integration to compare with 42U 800 x 800 floor standing cabinet.