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Something new in the world of video!

A new range of AHD cameras, a vandal proof camera, new IP recorders.

AHD technology for video surveillance offers numerous advantages in terms of both its ease of implementation and the quality of the video images provided. The following video allows you to discover (or re-discover) 7 good reasons to opt for this technology.


Gigamedia's AHD range has grown in recent weeks with the arrival of several models enabling all video surveillance requirements to be met.
The AHD range now includes products with a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080). The 720p range has also expanded with the addition of new bullet, dome and box cameras.

Click on the following table to access a link providing a summary of all Gigamedia's AHD cameras.

The AHD camera models include the new vandal proof Ironcam camera, which is already a great success even though it has only just been included in the brand's product catalogue (there is also an IP version of this camera).

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Consolidation point

A consolidation point that is fully compliant!

A socket that needs an extension, a wiring cabinet that needs to be removed, to repair a defective link after being cut, etc... Our new 10G solution will easily allow you to resolve these problems by also meeting the latest ISO 11801/EN50173 cabling standards.

Compact box, housing with IDC (LSA+/110) dedicated to solid or stranded cables, this compliant product can also support POE (Power Over Ethernet).

The use of Gigamedia tools ensures quick and easy mounting, while also guaranteeing the level of performance (up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Class EA).

watch our latest video on You Tube !

For a product datasheet click here

Product vailable in may 2016.

Gigamedia and the Waalse Krook in Ghent

Gigamedia at the heart of the knowledge economy with the Waalse Krook in Ghent !


More than 150,000 metres of Gigamedia cable and vast numbers of the brand's products have been deployed in a vast multimedia complex within the young and dynamic city of Ghent in Belgium.

The Waalse Krook is an area of 13,714 m2 devoted to culture and information. A marvel of design and technology which houses a public library-media library, a media and information research centre for art and culture, as well as meeting places including a café, a restaurant, a park, a square, and so on. The centre, located next to the university in the south of the city, will open in March 2016.

Explore this building in video.

The Waalse Krook will become a special place and will act as a breeding ground for the future economy and knowledge.
To find out more about this place, please visit the website (in Flemish)

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Gigamedia European Meeting

Gigamedia European Kick-off Meeting

European teams representing Gigamedia brand in Europe had an international meeting for three days at the end of 2015.

Many victories,  project, new products had been seen.

The opportunity to celebrate the past year and start 2016!

A good year ahead !

Happy new year to you, customers, suppliers, partners !


AHD technology for video surveillance

7 good reasons to switch to AHD technology for your video surveillance


Gigamedia cameras and video recorders now incorporate AHD technology.

This technology means that video signals, colour and brightness are handled and processed separately, which produces sharper images with more reliable colours.

The combination of a new generation of CMOS sensors and new image signal processors (ISP) produces high quality videos with up to 2 million pixels.

The range includes everything you need (dome cameras, tube cameras, speed dome cameras, hidden cameras, etc.)


AHD technology is:


1. Hybrid and backward compatible : AHD video recorders are able to process images from standard CCTV cameras.

2-High quality : High resolution images up to 1080 pixels

AHD technology produces images with up to 1080 pixel resolution. Standard CCTV resolutions initially in D1 format (720X576) progress to full HD format (1920x1080). 720 pixel (1280x720) and 1080 pixel (1920x1080) [...] Lire la suite