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Explore Rail DIN Fiber box



  • Loaded with 6 ST duplex adaptors

  • Multimode or singlemode

  • Compact size

  • Integrated splice holders

  • Also available with 6 SC duplex adaptors


Future Cat8

A new application for the future Cat 8?

While advances in 40GBase-T (40 Gbit/s on 4-twisted pairs cable) appear to be on track, a new application with an intermediate Ethernet speed is about to hit the market.
In November 2014, a study group approved by the IEEE was formed to define the technical conditions for supporting a 25 Gbit/s PHY datarate on twisted pair (25GBase-T).

The need for 25 Gbit/s Ethernet & drivers.

The need for 25GBase-T was demonstrated in November 2014 within the IEEE 25Gbase-T CFI (Call For Interest) Group, which brought together global experts on electronic network components and structured cabling systems. According to a forecast study conducted by the Dell’Oro Group, Cloud datacenters  already intend essential migrations with a speed of >10 Gbit/s at the server port.
The adoption of 25 Gigabit Ethernet at the server could become a reality from 2016 onwards, reaching maturity by 2018, with more than 50% of Cloud server ports dealing with a  > [...] Lire la suite

what\'s new in network products

First of all, we encourage you to explore our new Gigamedia IP NVR recorders range.

PoE NVR 8 to 16 ports (rack-mountable 19") or non-PoE NVR, represents outstanding value for money. This video will show you the quickest way to view the images from video surveillance cameras from your recorder on a smartphone via 3G / 4G or WiFi.


To save storage space, the following video allows you to record once motion detection is detected.

Nothing could be simpler! We will show you.


Network products, including IP / access point WiFi cameras, etc., will only be effective if the signal is transmitted properly. Network equipment must be in line with your requirements. Keep in mind, than this month, Gigamedia is offering you two small but "smart" products for repeating your PoE signals, which will allow you to reach greater distances than those permitted by the Ethernet standard (100M).

The mini PoE extender-repeater

Discrete, easy [...] Lire la suite

Case study : access control and video surveillance

Last month, Securinor, a specialist in protection and access control solutions for the business sector, began equipping one of the warehousing sites belonging to a major European logistics group with Gigamedia security products.

This first site, based in the Hauts de France region, forms part of a network of hubs in France and throughout Europe, spread across major conurbations. This network specialises in logistics, transport and delivery of products originating from various business sectors (fashion, cosmetics, high-tech products, home furnishings, etc.).
The task was as follows: warehouse security, video surveillance and access control for the site (for both pedestrians and vehicles), remote access management.
The products proposed by Securinor and the brand specifically provide remote and low cost access management to this logistics platform, as well as protection of the site (Secure entry, management of visitor movements, employee attendance monitoring). The [...] Lire la suite


Gigamedia supplies Boursorama Banque

Established in 1995, Boursorama is now active in three sectors (online brokerage, financial information and online banking)
As a 100%-owned subsidiary of Société Générale since June 2015, Boursorama experienced the strongest growth in the online banking sector in 2015 with a 24% increase in customers over the year. The bank has 757,000 customers, who are all becoming increasingly connected. In 2015, the website cemented its leading position as an economic and financial news website (there are an average of 31.5 million visits to the website per month!).
The bank has two 100%-owned subsidiaries (Selbank in Spain and Onvista in Germany).
Boursorama's headquarters are located in the Green District of Île Seguin-Rives de Seine in Boulogne Billancourt.

This is a latest-generation building, which takes account of new office habits and changes in users' needs. These offices are [...] Lire la suite