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Experience the new GGM launch reels!

Perform your tests easily and comfortably with Gigamedia’s OFL launch cubes.

  • Sustainable performance

  • Polypropylen reinforced housing

  • Shock resistant & vibration-proof

  • Easy handling

  • Colour coded

  • Up to 1km of fiber

  • Test report included

Many configurations available according to cable type & connectors

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New copper cables for real benefits

New Cat6A F/FTP Cable

Thanks to cutting edge technologies, this cable is manufactured in a way to exceed the ISO, ANSI/TIA and CENELEC standards for Category 6A / Class EA applications.

It can easily be integrated into a Class EA link, in order to support applications up to 10GBASE-T (10Gbits Ethernet).
Each cable consists of a global foil shield and 4 pairs individually wrapped in a high quality foil.
Its global and individual aluminum/polyester foil tape (F/FTP) delivers  good shielding effectiveness for a top notch performance.
Shotgun version also available !

Compatible with all current GIGAMEDIA connecting hardware in accordance with EN 50173 and ISO/IEC 11801.



CAT 6 U/UTP  External Grade.

Designed to be easy to install, this new cable will offer real benefits for an outdoor use and supports throughputs up to 5Gbps!
This cable comes with a black improved polyethylene outer sheath that offers UV and moisture [...] Lire la suite


NEW DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT FOR GIGAMEDIA IN FINLAND GIGAMEDIA is proud to announce the opening of the twelfth country in Europe! Thank you to the Finnish team for their welcoming!

White unit for small buildings


The product range is expanding quickly and this unit now comes in white (RAL9010) in order to look good in both offices and contemporary business units.


By adding this colour to our range of products, we aim to follow the latest interior decoration trends.
In this unit we can find the type of functionality which has made the black version of the 123 Connect unit such a success over the past 15 years.

Half as bulky as the 19'' unit, the 123 Connect has been specially created to be as discreet as possible and to blend in well in restricted spaces.

- Full access to the inside of the unit :
                                    -  Openings for the door and side panels to enable 180° access,
                                    - The openings are reversible and can be easily removed without the need for specific tools for trouble-free network cabling.

- Integrated cable management :
                                     - Pre-cut inlets for cables [...] Lire la suite

Start using the splitter or the HDMI switcher

These HDMI splitters and switchers allow us to connect one or more sources such as computers and recorders to one or more broadcasters simultaneously like monitors and video projectors.

Depending on the product you will choice below, you will be able :

                         - from a display from one source on several screens,
                         - from a display from several sources shown in alternation on the same screen,
                         - from a display from four different sources on the same screen, as a thumbnail for example.

They offer the advantage of adding multiple HDMI inputs if your TV doesn’t have enough. (GGM HDMISW41). You avoid connecting and disconnecting cables manually each time.

These splitters and switchers provide you with more flexibility and comfort when distributing and managing your video displays.
- Maximum recommended length of HDMI power cables : 7M on both sides
- Supported HDMI cables: HDMI 1.4 and 2.0

Find out [...] Lire la suite