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Full screen ahead!

To fully benefit from the latest evolution of technology, Gigamedia offers a range of 26" to 65" 4K monitors.


UHD (Ultra High Definition) and LED technology enables these monitors to deliver sharp, precise and comfortable images. Their rendering is improved with a possible viewing angle up to 178°.


Unlike standard TV monitors, these products are dedicated to operate continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the use of technology which avoids premature ageing and marking of the display panel.

Large size monitors (42", 50", 55" and 65") include an video wall capability. They can simultaneously display up to 4 different Full HD 1080p sources without needing external equipment. Their discrete design and small dimensions make them a major asset for your project.


The practical and comfortable OSD (On Screen Display) lets you configure the display mode you want and the image rendering quality, to ensure optimum image quality in all [...] Lire la suite

Increase the resolution

Here is a major evolution of AHD kit.

Cameras have been upgraded from 720p resolution (1280 x 720) to 1080p (1920 x 1080). The images are therefore larger and offer more detail. The lifetime and efficiency of LED lamps has been increased using SMD technology, offering more than  3-year lifetime at full power and up to 30% more illumination power. The hard drive storage capacity upgrated to 1TB to enable you to keep videos for a lo,nger period of time.

This full HD video surveillance kit integrates cameras, recorders, cables and power supplies. Ideal for small areas (local stores, main/second home etc.).


See it in action

You can access remote viewing via a smartphone or tablet using the free application RXCamView.




Gigamedia supplies Boursorama Banque

Established in 1995, Boursorama is now active in three sectors (online brokerage, financial information and online banking)
As a 100%-owned subsidiary of Société Générale since June 2015, Boursorama experienced the strongest growth in the online banking sector in 2015 with a 24% increase in customers over the year. The bank has 757,000 customers, who are all becoming increasingly connected. In 2015, the website cemented its leading position as an economic and financial news website (there are an average of 31.5 million visits to the website per month!).
The bank has two 100%-owned subsidiaries (Selbank in Spain and Onvista in Germany).
Boursorama's headquarters are located in the Green District of Île Seguin-Rives de Seine in Boulogne Billancourt.

This is a latest-generation building, which takes account of new office habits and changes in users' needs. These offices are [...] Lire la suite

Something new in the world of video!

A new range of AHD cameras, a vandal proof camera, new IP recorders.

AHD technology for video surveillance offers numerous advantages in terms of both its ease of implementation and the quality of the video images provided. The following video allows you to discover (or re-discover) 7 good reasons to opt for this technology.


Gigamedia's AHD range has grown in recent weeks with the arrival of several models enabling all video surveillance requirements to be met.
The AHD range now includes products with a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080). The 720p range has also expanded with the addition of new bullet, dome and box cameras.

Click on the following table to access a link providing a summary of all Gigamedia's AHD cameras.

The AHD camera models include the new vandal proof Ironcam camera, which is already a great success even though it has only just been included in the brand's product catalogue (there is also an IP version of this camera).

Built to [...] Lire la suite

New dummy CCTV camera range

Buying a fake security camera to protect your company: easy to install, easy to maintain,
deter potential burglars without having to spend lot of money…


All our cameras are equipped with blinking light to be more real !


Dummy camera with blinking led light
Imitation « caméra box »
bracket included
Outdoor / indoor use
(Batteries not included) 



Black color dummy camera with blinking led light  noire avec led lumineuse
Imitation « caméra all in one » 
Bracket included
Outdoor / indoor use
With solar panel to recycle outdoor sun light
(Batteries not included) 


White color dummy camera with blinking led light
Imitation « camera all in one » 
Bracket included
Outdoor / indoor use
(Batteries not included)

Dummy camera with blinking led light
Imitation « dôme caméra»
Indoor use only
(Batteries not included)



Dummy camera with blinking [...] Lire la suite