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New copper cables for real benefits

New Cat6A F/FTP Cable

Thanks to cutting edge technologies, this cable is manufactured in a way to exceed the ISO, ANSI/TIA and CENELEC standards for Category 6A / Class EA applications.

It can easily be integrated into a Class EA link, in order to support applications up to 10GBASE-T (10Gbits Ethernet).
Each cable consists of a global foil shield and 4 pairs individually wrapped in a high quality foil.
Its global and individual aluminum/polyester foil tape (F/FTP) delivers  good shielding effectiveness for a top notch performance.
Shotgun version also available !

Compatible with all current GIGAMEDIA connecting hardware in accordance with EN 50173 and ISO/IEC 11801.



CAT 6 U/UTP  External Grade.

Designed to be easy to install, this new cable will offer real benefits for an outdoor use and supports throughputs up to 5Gbps!
This cable comes with a black improved polyethylene outer sheath that offers UV and moisture [...] Lire la suite

New : the field plug !

Consolidation boxes in ceiling or under floor become very popular in IP cabling systems. This configuration offers greater flexibility but requires the installation of a plug on a solid cable to provide a consolidation cord (male / female) to set up the wall outlet.

This GIGAMEDIA Field Plug allows a termination on a solid cable (from 23/1 to 26/1 AWG) to build up a Consolidation Cord (M/F). No special tool needed.

This RJ45 IP20 Field plug for solid cable (P/N GGMPLUGIT10G) is suitable for all applications up to 10 G/bit Ethernet (IEEE 802.3an).
Meets all the requirements of Class EA according to ISO / IEC 11801 Ed.2.2.

Have a look on below video,

- Mounting process on a Cat 6A cable and tips :

- All specifications are available on the website
P/N : 

Explore the RJ45 plug for rigid cable

For 20 years now, we have been supplying specific RJ format plugs for various types of cables.

We are now offering you the new shielded RJ45 plug (ref. GGM PLUGC6SRIGB)

Along with other products from our range, this compact plug with a unique design represents the perfect component for new emerging speeds, including 10G Ethernet.

This RJ45 plug comes in 3 parts and is compatible with GIGAMEDIA CAT6 F/UTP, CAT6A U/FTP and CAT7 S/FTP rigid cables.
It benefits from a cable clamp located at the rear of the connector to ensure a better grip once crimped onto the cable.

The guide wire facilitates the positioning of conductors on two levels in order to guarantee outstanding electrical performances.

It is supplied with flexible plastic sleeves (Black/Blue) with a protective device for the plastic lug.


We recommend using crimping tool (ref GGM907H8C6S) to ensure perfect and swift implementation.

To also optimise installation, each set [...] Lire la suite

Future Cat8

A new application for the future Cat 8?

While advances in 40GBase-T (40 Gbit/s on 4-twisted pairs cable) appear to be on track, a new application with an intermediate Ethernet speed is about to hit the market.
In November 2014, a study group approved by the IEEE was formed to define the technical conditions for supporting a 25 Gbit/s PHY datarate on twisted pair (25GBase-T).

The need for 25 Gbit/s Ethernet & drivers.

The need for 25GBase-T was demonstrated in November 2014 within the IEEE 25Gbase-T CFI (Call For Interest) Group, which brought together global experts on electronic network components and structured cabling systems. According to a forecast study conducted by the Dell’Oro Group, Cloud datacenters  already intend essential migrations with a speed of >10 Gbit/s at the server port.
The adoption of 25 Gigabit Ethernet at the server could become a reality from 2016 onwards, reaching maturity by 2018, with more than 50% of Cloud server ports dealing with a  > [...] Lire la suite

Consolidation point

A consolidation point that is fully compliant!

A socket that needs an extension, a wiring cabinet that needs to be removed, to repair a defective link after being cut, etc... Our new 10G solution will easily allow you to resolve these problems by also meeting the latest ISO 11801/EN50173 cabling standards.

Compact box, housing with IDC (LSA+/110) dedicated to solid or stranded cables, this compliant product can also support POE (Power Over Ethernet).

The use of Gigamedia tools ensures quick and easy mounting, while also guaranteeing the level of performance (up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Class EA).

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Product vailable in may 2016.