Start using the splitter or the HDMI switcher

  •  06-07-2018

These HDMI splitters and switchers allow us to connect one or more sources such as computers and recorders to one or more broadcasters simultaneously like monitors and video projectors.

Depending on the product you will choice below, you will be able :

                         - from a display from one source on several screens,
                         - from a display from several sources shown in alternation on the same screen,
                         - from a display from four different sources on the same screen, as a thumbnail for example.

They offer the advantage of adding multiple HDMI inputs if your TV doesn’t have enough. (GGM HDMISW41). You avoid connecting and disconnecting cables manually each time.

These splitters and switchers provide you with more flexibility and comfort when distributing and managing your video displays.
- Maximum recommended length of HDMI power cables : 7M on both sides
- Supported HDMI cables: HDMI 1.4 and 2.0

Find out more about the mini switcher above by clicking on this link.


Find out more about the splitter aboce by clicking on this link


Find out more about the switcher aboce by clicking on this link